News and Changes for Winter 2017

As we finish up our first complete year we have diligently sought ways to make changes that will allow us to bring you the best possible magazine while making sure that the staff and contributors are not overwhelmed with their efforts. We have decided on an important yet perhaps surprising, and definitely beneficial and exciting change that we will be implementing for next years subscription. 

Brief Delay in Winter Issue Release

We do our best to get each Issue of the Biblical Herbal out on or near the 15th of the month. However, the winter Issue will be released next week instead of this week to allow for time to implement some of these needed changes on our website.

We ask that you bear with us and continue to stay tuned for more announcements along with the very lovely Winter Issue next week.

Thank you for joining us on this path of bringing restoration of ancient biblical herbal ways.

Tamra TBH Publisher






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