I am excited to announce that the Summer/Fall 2017 Issue of The Biblical Herbal is now available for purchase. 

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God’s design for creation results in natural cycles each year. This is shown through the biblical calendar and holy days we have shared about in previous issues. It is also shown in the way that plants sprout, grow, and are harvested. Learning to walk naturally with the planting and harvesting cycle of herbs in our life, health, and in the kitchen is an important aspect of making herbal medicine; living medicine.  

Summer is a time of abundance, with busy fun filled days, herbs and plants abound and are ready to be harvested. As summer progresses into fall a weariness often sets in from all of the activity. To help us through that journey we wanted to focus on harvesting as well as the use of herbs to comfort depression, anxiety, and life's pain. You will find articles about herbs that focus on our emotional peace, well-being, and comfort, as well as herbs that help with the physical pains that come with chronic illness. 

In This Issue

I am very excited to share with you a beautiful article titled “The Master Symphony: Rhythms & Cycles in the Herb Garden.” In this article author, Sherri Stickler paints a beautiful tapestry of how God’s cycles flow in herbalism. You will find materia medica and recipes for St John’s wort as well as an article about the calming, yet refreshing biblical herb, mint. In our advanced article section Herbalist, Rosanna King continues her series on medicine making with “Plant to Medicine - Extracting Twice for Potent Herb Extracts.” There is something for everyone in this issue whether looking for simple recipes or studying the advanced herbal medicine articles.  

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I pray that this Issue brings you comfort and joy as you advance your knowledge of Biblical herbalism,

Tamra Speakman and the TBH contributors