Bring on the Fall Preparations

Fall is just about here and the Fall Issue of The Biblical Herbal E-Magazine is now available. In case you have not yet guessed our theme this issue is "Preparation." During this time we are preparing for back to school after the long summer break as well as preparing for holidays and Biblical Holy Days. Herbal medicine can be of great benefit during this season. We share articles for fall holiday flavors, herbs of the Bible that focus on the upcoming Biblical Holy Days, plus herbal recipes to help keep your family healthy as they transition into this new season. 

 Fall Cover

Lessons For Little Sprouts New Cover

Contributor Sara Davis has again made a beautiful creation including a new cover for the printable Lessons for Little Sprouts Mini Magazine. 

Fall Littles

Fall Bonus PDF

I am also excited to share with you a free bonus to everyone who purchases the Fall Issue. You will receive an 11-page pdf created by contributing herbalist Rosanna King:

Herbal Menstruum Guide: Preferred alcohol concentration of menstruums for extracting 250+ herbs

Herbal Menstruum Guide

Purchase your Fall Issue now to learn about all of these amazing fall herbs and receive your bonus pdf.

Summer Issue Corrections

*I must apologize. The Hebrew font in the Summer issue is backward due to a glyph error.

Summer Issue Errors found on page 18 the Hebrew font should appear as below: 
"Aloe is mentioned several times in the Bible. The Hebrew word for aloe found in the Numbers 24:6 and Proverbs
7:17 is ֲִָאֲהָלִים Ahalim. In Psalm 45:8(9) and Song of Solomon 4:14 it is אֲהָלוֺת 
‫ Ahalot."



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