In This Issue: Herbs of The Bible & Review

Somehow with all of the editing needed for each issue I (Tamra) still manage to write a few articles.

New Columns in the Summer Issue

One such column is called Herbal Education and Book Reviews. For this column I reviewed a book by Jan Berry that I love, titled 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home: A Nerdy Farm Wife's All-Natural DIY Projects Using Commonly Found Herbs, Flowers & Other Plants. You may have seen all the amazing reviews online about this book and thought, these people must be exaggerating. Nope, this truly is a great book. Here is an excerpt of my review below.  

“The 101 recipes cover everything from home to body, hair, face, lotions, soaps, home remedies, pets, and cleaning. I especially love that Jan included recipes for our pets as this is an often overlooked area of herbalism that is such an integral part of our life. The ingredients list for each recipe is not huge and therefore it is much easier to keep the cost of making your creations down. I appreciate that the majority of lotion and cream recipes used vegan wax such as candelilla and sunflower wax for a quicker and easier emulsifying experience. I am a lover of all things bees and thus, my norm is to use beeswax, however, it is nice to have the information on how to use these other waxes. But do not worry fellow bee lovers, Jan does not neglect to provided substitution information and amounts for us.” 

You can purchase Jan's book via my Amazon affiliate link below.  

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My favorite type of article to research and write is for the Herbs of The Bible column. These articles are always a challenge because you have to research, Hebrew and Greek words to determine the Biblical plant. Because summer is about fun and sun Aloe vera was the perfect herb to share with you. After detailing what is the actual Biblical plant translated as aloe (Hint: Not all mentions are Aloe vera) I share a brief monograph on Aloe vera and a recipe for Frozen Aloe Gel Cubes. Below I share an excerpt from the article on topical use, perfect for the summer.  

Herbs of the Bible: Aloe 

“Topical: The leaf can be split and applied directly to burn, bite, fungal infection, dry skin, or wound. You can use pure gel you purchase or a homemade gel the same way you would the leaf. The gel can be saved or purchased and used in salves, and lotions. For a cooling sunburn remedy store the gel or a leaf in the refrigerator. Apply as a compress or place in a spray bottle mixed with cool purified water and spray on your sunburn as needed.”

So what plant is the Biblical plant?  

You can find that information plus the recipe in the Summer Issue.