I Am Not a Graham Cracker

Variety, Beauty, Art, and Science of Herbalism

Herbalism is a splendorous thing! Like a prism in the sunlight, the variety, beauty, art, and science of each herbalist forms the luminescent rainbow that makes up herbalism as a whole. 

As I watch and observe I see so many herbalists I respect. Those new, those more experienced, those somewhere in the middle... often times I find myself envying them… wanting to be like them. Then I realize like all of God's created beings each herbalist walks and practices herbalism in her or his own way. One loves the science of herbalism, calculating menstruums, making advanced medicines, and detailed formulas. Another is the picture of nature, everything she makes reveals God's glory in His natural creation. The folk herbalist loves the simple ways of placing the herb in a jar and pouring the menstruum on. Then I see the herbal artist who makes creations that are so much more art than science and are so beautiful to look at and integrate into our lives. The wildcrafter gently takes from all that is growing around and integrates it into their life and the culinary herbalist turns food into medicine. Some grasp at all of these things and manage to bring each part into their life revealing the full colors in one practice. 

That is Herbalism…

Each of us practices in our own way as we walk this path and that is ok. In fact, it is the beautiful plan God made for us. It is ok to be our unique selves, to find our own path that honors the Spirit and voice God gave us as an individual. I see this beauty in our contributors; believers, and herbalists, from many denominations joining together with unity in our foundational belief of Messiah Yeshua and our love for herbs to create a quality herbal resource you and your family can treasure for decades.

See, I am Not a Graham Cracker...

You are Not a Graham Cracker

I know you thought we were talking herbs so let me explain. The analogy of a graham cracker can fit our vision, in that, we are not simply all square, boxed and the same. Yet the analogy truly fits because of the history of the graham cracker itself. Graham crackers were named after the presbyterian minister who lived in the 19th century. Mr. Graham preached a life of abstinence from alcohol, bland eating, and vegetarianism amongst other forms of temperance. For Graham and his follower's life was to be calm and without excitement. This included a vegetarian diet where no spices were used and a plain whole grain bread was eaten. Graham linked a less than bland lifestyle and diet to sexual sin. Graham had some good impact on the health world and religion as well as some not so great impact. Unfortunately, one huge issue I see with his beliefs was that he felt all people must follow his vegetarianism and temperance to be sound. 

Placing our own ways and beliefs on every individual can stifle the spirit and voice that God instilled in us. God has given us His map for our lives in His word. Yet we are not all to be plain, bland, and flat. Those graham crackers are just the palette to make beautiful creations. Each of us has this palette to start within herbalism. We can as believers integrate teachings of the masters with the Word to walk In His way while walking as our beautiful varied unique self. It is funny to see that Graham himself actually did this in His fiery sermons that pushed controversial ways. 

So I encourage you to find your own voice on your herbal path and follow it holding the Lord and His word ever so close as you gather all the medicine He has created to enrich and restore your life.

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