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Welcome to our Meet The Contributors interview where we meet biblical herbalists and contributors to The Biblical Herbal e-magazine. 

Today on Meet The Contributors we meet one of our new contributing authors, Jill Tetherow of The Becoming Effect. We are very blessed to also have Jill join us on the editor team. Jill's answer are in blockquotes below.

Meet Herbalist Jill Tetherow 

Please share a bit about your faith, religion, family, homeschooling, and anything else you are comfortable with:

"I live in rural Nebraska with my husband and two year old son. My life path has taken a few twists and turns, but my adult years have brought me back to my ranching roots, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a self proclaimed homebody, and am currently working alongside my husband to restore an old colonial into our dream home. Give me my family, a garden, long walks, and a stack of good books, and I am a happy girl!  My faith is the thread that runs throughout it all, keeping things together!" 

How and when did you get interested in herbalism? 

"I have always been attracted to the concept of herbalism. As a major history buff, I grew up reading and loving all kinds of historical books (both fiction and nonfiction). This love is what led me to eventually get my Bachelor’s degree in history. Through all of my research, reading, and studies, I have remained fascinated with the “healers” of old, and have always had an extreme admiration for those who could use what God provided in nature for health and vitality. Given that, one could easily say that I have had this interest since childhood. I got serious about my own studies in my late 20’s when faced with a series of  health challenges." 

What made you seek out herbs specifically?

"As previously mentioned, my own health challenges left me seeking medical modalities outside of the conventional model. I was attracted to herbal medicine for it’s organic, earthy, sustainable, and empowering qualities. Growing up on a ranch, I have always felt tied to the land, and have been taught to appreciate and embrace what it produces. I suddenly found myself intensely compelled to learn more." 

How do you use herbs in your day to day life? 

"The list of things that I want to use herbs for grows daily! My Pinterest boards are bursting with ideas, recipes, and new tactics for integrating herbs into various aspects of my life. However, I have learned to take baby steps to keep from getting overwhelmed. Currently, I am experimenting with finding the perfect herbal rinses for my hair (I haven’t used regular shampoo or conditioner in over a year). I mix salves to use on bites, cuts, sores, and etc. I use them on my son for occasional diaper rash. I make my own deodorant, and facial cleansers. I use them on myself and my family for colds, the flu, stomach upset, heartburn, headaches, stress, anxiety and other mild discomforts. I also drink four cups of nutritive herbal infusions daily for supplementation." 

What kind of herbal education do you have? 

"I recently completed the content of Dr. Aviva Romm’s Herbal Medicine for Women Course. I am waiting for my final project to be graded, and will then be taking my final exam." 

How have you handled pagan aspects of your herbal learning? 

"This does get a little bit tricky at times as it is often deeply ingrained into lessons and teaching. Despite this, I try to just focus on what I know to be true and what I know to be untrue. Unfortunately, I find that I do not share a faith or belief system with many of those who I respect and learn from as herbalists, so when this occurs, I take the knowledge and wisdom that they have to offer, and respectfully discard the rest." 

What is your heart for or in herbalism? ie. Do you have a specific passion or vision in herbalism? 

"I have a Master’s Degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with an emphasis in Youth Development (ages 12-17). This knowledge base, coupled with my herbal training has created the perfect recipe for working within my favorite field of prevention. I have had a lot of challenges in my life that I strongly feel could have been prevented or made dramatically easier if I would have known then what I know now. One of my greatest visions for herbalism is that mothers will feel confident and empowered enough to use it in their homes and pass it on to their children. This is an art and a gift that through the generations has somehow been lost. I dream of helping to bring it back!" 

How does your faith affect your herbal beliefs? 

"My faith is the core of who I am and thus affects everything that I do. I view the world through the lens of Christianity, and that includes the practice of herbalism. God created our world, He created our bodies, He created our food, and it just stands to reason that He created our medicine. He designed our bodies to be intricate and fascinating, and I believe that the herbs that He created to compliment them are true gifts from our loving creator."  

Why did you want to become a contributor for The Biblical Herbal? 

"The Biblical Herbal incorporates so many things that I love. For example, God, the Bible, herbal medicine, history, the sharing of knowledge, and diverse perspectives set within the parameters of the Christian faith. These are all a part of The Biblical Herbal, and the minute that I saw it, I knew that I wanted to be involved."  

What columns have you contributed to so far? 

"I am new to this family and am currently working on my very first article for the Fall Issue, A Materia Medica for Cinnamon."  

Why do you think people would benefit from reading The biblical Herbal? 

"I strongly believe that herbal medicine is for the people... ALL people. This of course includes Christians. The opportunity for believers to receive reliable, accurate, and safe herbal information from a platform of faith is really valuable. Readers do not have to weed through the pagan influences and experience any discomfort with phrases, ideology or references. Just the herbs, just the healing, and just the inspiration." 

Do you have an herbal business? 

"I am currently launching a program called The Becoming Effect, and I am really excited about it! Although this program will feature an integrative approach to health and wellness, herbs will always play a key role." 

Tell me about your business? 

"The Becoming Effect addresses the adolescent journey as overseen by a mother, grandmother, or other adult woman. It is based on the basic prevention concepts of building up protective factors while reducing at-risk behaviors.

This movement will help navigate the complicated and frustrating world of adolescence, helping us guide our loved ones through this transition with grace, poise, and ease. There will be herbal and natural remedy spotlights as well as health practice and protocol recommendations. 

There are many aspects to a balanced, happy, and healthy journey through adolescence. These include proper nutrition, a strong identity, self-confidence, and a strong healthy body. The Becoming Effect is meant to help families achieve this simply, safely, and effectively through this combination of approaches." 

What do you do? 

"I have big dreams and big plans! I am currently building this ship as I sail it, and would love to hear any and all feedback! I currently offer a blog, free membership, and a constantly growing list of resources, guidelines, and networking opportunities." 

Do you have any products that you sell? 

"I am putting the finishing touches on an ebook titled, “Becoming Herbal: An Herbal Support Guide for Adolescent Health”. This will be available soon on my website." 

What is your website and website address?

"The Becoming Effect at"

Do you plan on offering consultations? 

 "Absolutely! We are so much stronger together and having the chance to work hand in hand is valuable and precious." 

How does your faith affect your business practice? 

"My faith permeates my life and has a major effect on my business. Honor, integrity, honesty, and all other Christian principles are at the core of what I do and are incorporated throughout this entire project." 

What are your future dreams or visions for herbalism in your life and business? 

"I would truly love to see mothers and daughters empowered, inspired and confident that they can take back their health, wellness, and vitality through the use of herbs.  

When I envision The Becoming Effect years from now, I envision a network of strong women working together to raise up our next generation of strong women. I envision adolescent and teenage girls who know who they are and who they belong to (God!). I see relief from the stress, anxiety, exhaustion, frustration, and chronic health issues that are plaguing our kids, and in their place, I see peace, love, hope, and faith."

I want to thank you for joining us today on Meet the Contributors. 

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