Meet The contributors- Nicole Stine
Welcome to our Meet The Contributors interview where we meet biblical herbalists and contributors to The Biblical Herbal e-magazine. 
Today on Meet The Contributors we meet one of our contributing authors Nicole Stine. Nicole's answer are in block quotes below. 

Meet Contributor Nicole Stine

Please share a bit about your faith, religion, family, homeschooling, and anything else you are comfortable with:

I grew up in a Christian household and was baptized as a child. However, I didn't make my faith my own until I was an adult and I feel like I'm constantly learning more and more about God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All I can say is that I'm so grateful for His unfathomable saving grace and unconditional love.

How and when did you get interested in herbalism?

I got interested in herbalism about 4 years ago when my son and I were both dealing with allergic reactions to an unknown source. I received some bad advice from a doctor and it pushed me to start seeking out alternative remedies.

What made you seek out herbs specifically?

My initial interest was in essential oils, but being an "all or nothing" type of girl, I quickly branched out into herbs as well. I felt that using essential oils by themselves wouldn't be as effective as using herbs AND essential oils and vice versa. Even before I had any formal herbal education, I knew it would not be wise to use essential oils OR herbs on myself or my children without some sort of learning. That quickly led to me taking multiple courses on both herbs and essential oils.

How do you use herbs in your day to day life?
On a normal day I will do something as simple as making a batch of herbal tea for myself or my family. Some days I will make batches of lotion, balms, deodorants, and other skin care products. When somebody in the family is sick I'll bring out the "big guns" and make syrups, medicinal teas, and diffuse essential oils as well as making numerous other remedies that the situation calls for.
What kind of herbal education do you have?

I am a Clinical Master Herbalist. I have completed the Foundations of Aromatherapy, Foundations of Aromatic Medicine, Family Herbalist, and Clinical Master Herbalist courses from Vintage Remedies and am currently taking Body Butters & Lip Balms and Aromatherapy for Natural Living from Aromahead.

How have you handled pagan aspects of your herbal learning?
Actually, I haven't had to deal with that very much yet in my learning, but when I do I just try to see if it lines up with what I've been taught in Scripture and in my faith. If it doesn't line up, honestly, I usually just disregard it. I don't want to open the door even a crack so that the enemy can get a foothold in my life or my household. I want nothing to do with anything that could even remotely encourage that.
What is your heart for or in herbalism? Do you have a specific passion or vision in herbalism?
I love that so many more people are starting to look into herbalism and aromatherapy, but my passion is probably for people to practice both herbalism and aromatherapy SAFELY. There are a lot of misinformed people out there with good intentions. A common misconception is that just because it's "natural" that it's safe.
How does your faith affect your herbal beliefs?
My faith and herbal beliefs really go hand-in-hand. Our Creator God gave us the tools we needed from the dawn of Creation to take care of ourselves and our families. As I learn more about herbs I'm constantly in awe of how brilliant the Creator is and it makes me appreciate herbs even more. Each plant has so many different properties and constituents and benefits that it's mind-boggling. I believe that we could use herbs and essential oils to heal many health issues much more than we currently do. However, it will require people to educate themselves, medical practitioners included.
Why did you want to become a contributor for The Biblical Herbal?
When I first heard about The Biblical Herbal, I thought it was a brilliant idea and was thrilled to be a part of the groundwork for it. I think an herbal magazine with a Biblical perspective is the answer to prayer for many people. They want to look into herbalism, but don't want to sift through all the pagan perspectives to get the information they're looking for. I'm so proud to be a part of The Biblical Herbal team!
What columns have you contributed to so far? 
I've contributed to the Aromatherapy column for two of the three issues of The Biblical Herbal so far.
Why do you think people would benefit from reading The Biblical Herbal? 
Our contributors are all very knowledgeable herbalists that are 100% committed to providing safe, Biblical information for our readers. We're all big on research and we spend hours on every piece we write. The Biblical Herbal has information for readers just beginning their herbal journey as well as information for more advanced herbalists as well. And as always (and most importantly!) it's all from a Biblical perspective.
Do you have an herbal business?

No. Possibly in the future!

What are your future dreams or visions for herbalism in your life and business?
I would love to continue learning as much as a I can about herbs and essential oils for as long as possible. As my children get older I would like to consider starting some sort of herbal business. Possibly in making products or something along those lines. Time will tell!

I want to thank you for joining us today on Meet the Contributors.

You can read Nicole's excellent aromatherapy articles in the Spring and Summer Issues.

This is Tamra of The Biblical Herbal signing off. 

Shalom aleichem