Meet The contributors - Kim Wolf

Welcome to our Meet The Contributors interview where we meet biblical herbalists and contributors to The Biblical Herbal E-magazine.

Today I am sharing another written interview with contributor Kim Wolf of Marmee's Pantry.

Meet Contributor Kim Wolf

Please share a bit about your faith, religion, family, homeschooling, and anything else you are comfortable with:  

“I have been a Christian since 1982 and met my wonderful husband just before asking Jesus to be my Savior and Lord. I was led to the Lord by Gregg and Sono Harris, known by many long-time homeschool families, and it was they who also introduced my husband and I. We have been married for almost 32 years and it has been quite an adventure in blessings, losses, music ministry and walking the narrow path. We have had 3 beautiful daughters, one of which is awaiting us in Heaven. Our other daughters are in their mid- and late-twenties and were homeschooled their entire school careers." 

“Throughout those years, I was the Miami County, Ohio Homeschool Coordinator, the Ohio Coordinator for The Old Schoolhouse magazine and was blessed to have spoken to many homeschool groups and conventions around the U.S. I also write a column on frugal living for The Christian Women's Voice magazine. I still do speaking engagements, but mostly on a more regional basis, as I had to go back to work outside the home after our youngest daughter graduated, due to my husband's lay-off. That's when I stared working at a local heath food store and I get to use my herbal knowledge on a daily basis.” 

How and when did you get interested in herbalism? 

“Both sets of my grandparents used herbal remedies, for teas, to oils for aches and pains to homemade tummy 'pills' made from pine resin. Growing up, my immediate family got away from it because my mom worked outside the home and it was much more convenient to buy something over-the-counter or a prescription. Like so many, they were convinced that prescriptions meds must be better. But I was always attracted to the herbs my grandparents used. Maybe it was growing up in the 70's and we all had a little bit of hippy in us! Basically, I loved both sets of my grandparents so much that I wanted to do whatever they did.” 

What made you seek out herbs specifically?

“One thing is that I remembered always feeling better with no after-effects after a recovery from any illness when using herbs and herbal teas. I had also been injured by an old, putrid prescription bottle of ear drops that my mom used, no knowing they were bad. I lost about 40% of my hearing in one ear. Mullein and garlic drops would have worked just fine, but my mom was convinced that prescription drugs were the best thing and didn't realize that they expired. I'm not meaning to blackguard my mom, that's just the way it was. So, when I started having my own children, I wanted the best for them and started to renew my own education and experience with herbs.” 

How do you use herbs in your day to day life? 

“Making my own capsules, tinctures and medicinal teas, in particular. Cooking, of course. I also have a small herb garden in the summer, of which I harvest and dry quite a bit. I also keep window herbs going all year. And what I don't grow, I buy in bulk.” 

What kind of herbal education do you have? 

“A little of all of that. As mentioned, I learned some while growing up; I am also self-taught by reading, reading, reading and applying what I have learned. Making many of my own medicinal teas. I have taken many courses over the six years I have worked at the health food store – we are quite extensively trained – and through workshops/on-line/trainings sponsored by various supplement and herb companies that we sell, and through an on-line school. I am currently saving to take the Intermediate Course at Herbal Academy of New England as my next course.” 

How have you handled pagan aspects of your herbal learning? 

“Basically, I just ignore them or look for information that is strictly on the technical/medicinal level. Unfortunately, it's everywhere if your interests lie in the herbal, organic, natural arena. But our God is The Mighty God and He has dominion over all of His creation. My wisdom comes from Him and I am never ashamed to say it.” 

What is your heart for or in herbalism? ie. Do you have a specific passion or vision in herbalism? 

“I have had much success with my medicinal teas and am often asked to make a batch for friends and even for some customers. My vision and prayer is that I will finally get to open my own bulk food and home remedies store. I would like to sell the bulk herbs and also sell my own tea blends, among other things. It has been a ten year long dream that has been put off by the terrible economy in our area over that last 7 years.” 

How does your faith affect your herbal beliefs? 

“These plants were given to us by the Master Healer for our own use. We can find several verses that pertain to the uses of herbs and plant oils in the Bible; from use in the Temple, to anointing kings, to the healing of wounds, to 'the healing of the nations' in Revelation. They must be important for their use to be carried over into eternity.” 

Why did you want to become a contributor for The Biblical Herbal? 

“I admire that we are from a Biblical point of view. That we all attempt to honor the Lord in our offerings. It's quite an honor to be a part of it.” 

What columns have you contributed to so far? 

“Because of time constraints, I've only been able to write my column, Medicinal Tea Time.” 

Why do you think people would benefit from reading The Biblical Herbal? 

“There's none of the pagan mumbo-jumbo. Like so many of us, when looking up information on a particular herb, have to wade through with the pagan uses and myths. We are blessing those who read now and who will come after us, with information that is simply the truth of the matter. God has made these plants, barks, herbs, flowers with our uses in mind. He's a good, good God and He doesn't need anyone to lie about His creation.” 

Do you have an herbal or other holistic business?

“Not yet. As mentioned above, I am hoping to open a bulk food and home remedy store. I do, however, work at a health food store. I have been there for six years.” ” 

Tell me about your work? 

“I was the Health and Beauty Buyer for four of those years, but some management changes happened and the ordering is now done by management. But it is still my forte.” 

“Everyone in the store is trained in all aspects of what we sell – bulk herbs/spices, essential oils, health and beauty, supplements, organic foods, even holistic pet food and products. But we all have our specialties. Mine, of course, is herbs, medicinal teas, essential oils and other health and beauty products.” 

What is your website address? 

“My blog, Marmee's Pantry, has always been meant to be a precursor to my own store. Until then, you may visit me at and learn about my medicinal teas, essential oil blends, homemade health care, home care products and be blessed by my devotionals.” 

Do you ever plan on doing consults? 

“Possibly once I start my store and take the appropriate courses.” 

How does your faith affect your business/work practice? 

“I will not lie about what an item does or doesn't do. At the store I work at, we sell things that are 'the next best thing' according to T.V. Dr's, etc. and I will not go beyond what I know to be true about a product.” 

What are your future dreams or visions for herbalism in your life and business? 

“I am continuing to do my workshops around our region, but once I can open my store, I would like to host my own workshops, to be a blessing to my community by showing them how they can take care of themselves and their families with simple, effective ingredients and to save money. To continue the blessing of being able to take care of your own and pass it on. To keep up the Old Paths of health care. With the things that have gone on with our health care system, I see more and more people wanting to learn to take care of themselves and their families, I want to have a safe place where they can purchase their products and where they learn to use them. Other than taking care of my family, I think that that is the best way that I may bless my community in the Name of Jesus Christ.” 

I pray you enjoyed reading Kim's story. I want to thank you all for joining us today on Meet the Contributors. 

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