I am happy to announce the release of the Winter Issue of The Biblical Herbal. This Issue's theme focuses on dedication and anointing. Hanukkah (feast of dedication, festival of lights), Purim (feast of lots), and Tu B’ Shevat (agricultural new year for trees) all fall during this time. Some believers are also celebrating the birth of Messiah Yeshua. 

Winter Cover

In This Issue we bring you articles about herbal use of the Biblical tree olive and the Biblical resin myrrh. We focus on anointing and dedicating our lives and bodies to Yeshua in everyday ways. Below is a sneak peak at the Table of Contents for this lovely Issue.  

Winter TOC 

Of course, we must not forget the printable mini magazine, Lessons For Littles Sprouts which is all about the vitamin C boosting, beautiful rose.

Littles Winter 

You can purchase your copy of the Winter Issue today! 

Important Changes in The Air 

This Winter Issue marks a full year of The Biblical Herbal. This has been a year of amazing accomplishments and blessings as well as intense challenges. As we have worked through this year we have learned a lot. We have considered ways to streamline and improve The Biblical Herbal for the future. We also worked through ideas to make the magazine flow smoother for The Biblical Herbal staff and contributors.  

It is with those needs in mind that we announce a change to our release process and subscription. We will now be releasing each Issue only twice a year. Summer/Fall (mid to late June) and Winter/Spring (mid to late December). This will change The Biblical Herbal E-magazine to a biannual magazine.  

We believe this will give us more time to work on creating better quality content as well as a larger amount of content in each issue. I realize current subscribers are wondering how this will work for the subscription they already paid for. I want to assure you that each subscriber will receive the 4 Issues they paid for. In fact, I believe as the subscriptions extend into 2017 subscribers will get access to larger and better quality Issues. 

How it will work: 

For a majority of subscribers, the Winter Issue brings an end to their first-year subscription and it will be time to renew with the Bi-annual Subscription for next year. 

For those who purchased a Summer Issue plus subscription. You have received both Summer, and Fall. You will also be receiving the Winter Issue this week. You will be e-mailed your 4th and final Issue in June of 2017. Then it's bi-annual renewal time. 

For all those who purchased the fall issue plus subscription. You have received Fall, and will also be receiving the Winter Issue this week. In addition, you will automatically be subscribed to the full 2017 Biannual Subscription. For a total of the 4 issues that you paid for. Then it's bi-annual renewal time.

The December Issue will be offered separately and those wishing to subscribe for 2017 will purchase to the Bi-annual Subscription.  

Because of this change, starting in 2017 each new individual Issue will be priced at $10.  

The Bi-annual subscription will be offered at the discounted offer of $18.  

The back Issues from 2016 will remain available at $6 per Issue. 

The bonus again will be that we expect each Issue to have an even better quality and quantity of articles. We pray that this change will also allow The Biblical Herbal to move forward with other amazing plans to bring you herbal education from a Biblical perspective. Think - Print on Demand, Print, Specials, Memberships - I am excited to see what might be in the air for the future.  

If you have any questions or concerns about your subscription please contact Tamra via e-mail at admin@thebiblicalherbal.com. 

From all of us at The Biblical Herbal, thank you for traveling with us down this first-year path, bringing restoration of ancient biblical herbal ways. We look forward to walking with you for many years to come! 

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