In This Issue- Recipes & Remedies

As Spring heads into summer, our next issue will be out therefore, I will start covering more than one article in the 'In This Issue' posts. We have already discussed two other recipes that you can find in the Recipes and Remedies column, spring issue.

There are two more articles in this column available for you in the spring issue.

Arnica Balm Recipe

Arnica montana is used topically after injury, or trauma, to assist in healing bruises, swelling, or pain. In this recipe, you will be using the oven method to infuse oil with herbs.

Allergy Relief Pastille Recipe

Each magazine issue has a Recipe and Remedies column with several different herbal recipes. Angi shares a recipe for kids that goes along with her allergy relief article in the Herbs for Kids column. Pastilles are similar to lozenges but softer and chewable. Pastilles are a great way to use herbs for kids for a variety of issues including digestive problems.